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Six Supreme Glimpses by Sant Singh Maskeen

This book is the English translation of Maskeen Ji’s scholarly work ‘Khat Darshan’. ‘Khat’ means six and ‘Darshan’ means self-enlightenment. For achieving the self-enlightenment, many sacred texts guides us. Besides Quran, Bible, four Vedas, twenty seven Simritis, eighteen Puranas, there are six Rishis with their revealed knowledge-: Vyasa – Vedanta, Jaimini – Mimamsa, Gautam – Nayaya, Kapila – Sankh, Patanjali – Patanjali-Yog and Kanad – Visheshak. On the basis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Maskeen Ji have explained the six theories – Formless (God), World, Family, Religion, Political and Philosophy propounded by the six Rishis, in this book. 

Six Supreme Glimpses by Sant Singh Maskeen

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  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Gur Joyti Enterprises

    Publication Date: 2019

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