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Khalsa and The Twenty-First Century by Kharak Singh


Section 1 - Khalsa : The Fulfilment Of Guru Nanak’s Mission

1. Foreword by Dr Kuldip Singh

2. Introduction by Dr Kharak Singh

3. Keynote Address by S B S Dalawari

4. Sanyasin, Grahastha, And Sant-Sipahi – A Comparative Study by Dr N Muthumohan

5. Compulsions of Indian Decolonisation and the Khalsa Ethos by Prof Gurtej Singh

6. Khalsa : The Fulfilment of Guru Nanak’s Mission by Dr Kirpal Singh

7. Emphasis On Love And Naam – A Social Model by Dr Gurnam Kaur

8. The Significance Of Khalsa by Dr Man Singh Nirankari

9. Khalsa by Brig (Retd) Hardit Singh

10. Guru Nanak : The First Saint-Soldier by Dr Gurbakhsh Singh

11. Khalsa : The Fulfilment Of Guru Nanak’s Mission by  Prof Gurmukh Singh

11. Khalsa : Akal Purakh Ki Fauj by Sardar Verpal Singh

12. The 5Ks : Not Mere Symbols by Dr Birendra Kaur

13. Khalsa – Guru Nanak De Mission Di Purti by Dr Sarabjot Kaur

14. Khalse de Atamic Adarsh by Prof Parbhjot Kaur

15. Khalsa Shabad Barre by Dr Jasbir Singh Sarna

16. Gurbani di Bhasha te Viakaran Sabandhi Khoj by Dr Harkirat Singh

17. Gurmat – Ek Vishaviapi Dharam by Prof Surjit Singh Bhatia


Section 2 - Khalsa : its role in the 21st century

1. Keynote Address by Sardar Saran Singh

2. How To Restore The Khalsa Image by Dr Kuldip Singh

3. Multiculturalism And Universality by Ms Alice Basarke

4. Khalsa : Its Role In The 21st Century by S Harbhajan Singh Yogi

5. Khalsa : Its Role In The 21st Century by Brig (Retd) Gurdip Singh

6. Sikhism And Environmental Ethics by Dr Surjeet Kaur

7. Sikh Educational Resurgence and Role Of Khalsa In 21st Century by Prof Gurbax S Shergill

8. Politics And Religion In View Of Miri-Piri Principle by Dr Harbans Lal

9. Khalsa : Its Role In The 21st Century by S Gur Rattan Pal Singh

10. Khalsa : Its Role And Agenda by Dr Gurmit Singh

11. 300 Years Of Khalsa Celebrations by Sardar Karnail Singh

12. Truth – The Root Of Sikh Ideology by Prof Sher Singh Sher

13. On Collectively Shared Meaning of The Mission by S Gajindar Singh Sethi

14. Time For A World Sikh Parliament by Sardar Verpal Singh

15. Khalsa by Maj Gen (Retd) Jaswant Singh

16. Nobody Grants Anyone by Sardar Jarnail Singh

17. Rule / Sovereignty Reflections On Mental Health by Dr Harpreet Kanwal

18. Khalsa Or Guru ? by Sardar Harjinder Singh

19. Khalsa : Its Role In The 21st Century by Prof Gurmukh Singh

20. Role Of Khalsa In The 21st Century – Gursikh Doctors by Dr Darshanjot Kaur

21. Just Don’t Do It ! by Dr Birendra Kaur

22. Khalse di 21st wich Bhumika by Dr Balkar Singh

23. 21st wich Khalse de Kartav by Dr Harnam Singh Shan

Khalsa and The Twenty-First Century by Kharak Singh

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  • Format: Hardback  

    Publisher:  Institute of Sikh Studies

    Publication Date: 1999

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