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Sikh Heritage Ethos & Relics by Roopinder Singh

"The Sikhs are fortunate to have many well-preserved relics that belonged to the Gurus. Their significance is timeless. Yet, many remain unaware of this vast treasure. 'Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics' elucidates the essence of Sikhism, and entwined with it, the history and lore of the people of Punjab. Through photographs and descriptions of many hitherto unseen relics of Sikh heritage bestowed by the Gurus upon the disciples, the authors place each artefact in its historical context, giving a broad perspective of Sikh heritage that speaks powerfully to each one of us. Every relic, every article is a living symbol of the Sikh ethos. Included here are priceless artefacts in the custody of the descendants of Bhai Rup Chand. The Maharajas of Patiala and Nabha still have significant collections which find a special place in this profusely illustrated volume that welcomes the reader with unsurpassed clarity and sensitivity to the world of Sikh heritage, an endearing blend of art, enthusiasm and knowledge. The authors have used their thorough understanding of Sikh ethos to give us a profound feeling for all that has been left behind by the Sikh Gurus."

Sikh Heritage Ethos & Relics by Roopinder Singh

£39.99 Regular Price
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  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Rupa Publications

    Publication Date: 2012

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