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The Valiant: Jaswant Singh Khalra by Gurmeet Kaur

The Valiant - Jaswant Singh Khalra is a richly-illustrated book that takes young readers on an interesting and inspiring journey through life and times of an iconic human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra (1952 – 1995), who was tortured and brutally murdered in custody for valiantly standing for the hapless victims of state oppression. 
As an essential backdrop, the book also gives a comprehensive overview of the recent history of Sikhs and the Punjab, making it a must-read for next generation of Punjabis and Sikhs, educating and inspiring them to walk the path once trodden by great sons & daughters of the soil or anyone who cares about human rights issues in India.

The Valiant: Jaswant Singh Khalra by Gurmeet Kaur

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  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Pippal

    Publication Date: September 2020

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