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Reflections on 1984 - Harjinder Singh

Published in 2014 by Akaal Publishers, ‘Reflections on 1984’ looks backs on the invasion of Darbar sahib and the Sikh genocide of 1984.



The author, Harjinder Singh, begins by setting the context of these events and reflecting on them 30 years on. He discusses the revolutionary nature of the gurus as well as the idea of self determination.

Following this, Harjinder Singh then introduces the ‘Anandpur Resolution’ and the ‘Dharam Yud Morcha’ and ‘Fake Encounters’, all of which are essential to understand in the context of 1984. He goes on to summarise the life and character of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, highlighting various misconceptions about his beliefs and motivations.

A concise day by day account of June 1984 is also given by the author and is followed by Operation Woodrose, the assassination of Indira Ghandi on 31st October 1984 and the genocide that followed.

Political elements of the genocide, impact on education in Punjab and drug and alcohol abuse is also discussed by Harjinder Singh in his chapter titled ‘The Post-War Period’. Harjinder Singh references a wide range of primary sources that make for excellent wider reading on these subject matters. Furthermore, his chapter on ‘The Relevance of Khalistan’ looks at both the macro and micro level of the vision for Khalistan and its context.

‘Reflections on 1984’ by Harjinder Singh is a must read for those looking to understand more about the background of 1984 and its implications on the Sikh population. This is an easy to read and thought provoking book that should have a place in every Sikh household.



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