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Recommended Reading for 1984 - Invasion of Harmandir Sahib and Sikh Genocide

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

When the Indian army attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib in June 1984, a lasting imprint was left on generations of Sikhs. The attack resulted in the loss of many lives, including innocent Sikhs who had been trapped within the Harmandir Sahib complex. Significant infrastructure had also been destroyed, including the Akal Takht and the Sikh Reference Library. Even Harmandir Sahib itself felt the impact of the bullets fired by the Indian Army.

November 1984 saw the assassination of Indian Prime Minister, Indira Ghandi; who was assassinated by her own bodyguards, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh, for her role in the attack on Harmandir Sahib. This sent shockwaves across India and mass violence broke out. The inner political corruption meant that mobs were equipped to target Sikhs across India, including Delhi, resulting in a genocide of the Sikhs. Reading the accounts of those present during the attacks, one feels a sense of great sorrow and sadness.

The books below are recommended for those who wish to understand more about the events leading up to, during and following 1984. Many present eye witness accounts of those present and give an in depth view of the events that occurred during 1984.


June 1984 - Attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib

  • Reflections on 1984 by Harjinder Singh

  • Fighting for Faith and Nation by Cynthia Mahmood

  • The Invasion of the Golden Temple by Sukhbir Singh Kapoor

  • Struggle for Justice: Speeches and Conversations of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale by Ranbir Singh Sandhu

  • What’s Happening to India? by Robin Jeffrey

  • The Sikhs of the Punjab: Unheard Voices of State and Guerilla Violence by Joyce Pettigrew

November 1984 - Sikh Genocide

  • Reflections on 1984 by Harjinder Singh

  • 1984 The Anti Sikh Violence and After by Sanjay Suri

  • I Accuse… The Anti Sikh Violence of 1984 by Jarnail Singh

  • 1984: India’s Guilty Secret by Pav Singh

  • When A Tree Shook Delhi: The 1984 Carnage and its Aftermath by Manoj Mitta and H. S. Phoolka

  • Lost in History: 1984 Reconstructed by Gunisha Kaur

  • Black November: Writings on the Sikh Massacres of 1984 and the Aftermath by Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry

  • Saffron Salvation by Simarjit Kaur

  • What’s Happening to India? by Robin Jeffrey

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Furthermore, the above list is by no means complete and additions will be regularly made. If you would like to suggest any notable books on these subjects then please feel free to contact us.

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