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Battle Tactics and War Manoeuvres of the Sikhs by D. S. Saggu


Part 1: Epic Battles of Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Bahadur

  1. Military Campaigns of Guru Gobind Singh
  2. Battle of Chamkaur
  3. Exploits of Banda Bahadur
  4. Sikh Struggle for Survival
  5. Doctrine of Sikh Assault
  6. Invasions of Abdali on Hindustan

Part 2: Narrative of the War Events during 7th Invasion of Abdali

  1. Brief History of Kalat
  2. Sikhs Take over the Country of Multan and Lahore
  3. Destruction of Chinot at the Hands of Sikhs
  4. Arrival of King at Lahore
  5. Battle Between Abdali Forces and Sikhs
  6. Confrontation of Sikhs with Islamic Tribal Chiefs
  7. Destruction of Guru Chak Harmandir Sahib
  8. Return of Shah to Lahore and His Orders to March off

  9. Narration of Events of Move of Abdali from Lahore to Sirhind

  10. Arrival of Lashkar at Pinjore Garden

  11. Arrival of The Lashkar at Kunjpura

  12. Account of Destruction of Sirhind

  13. Ala Jat and His Devotion to Abdali

  14. Abdali Crosses Doaba Rivers and Eye Ball to Eye Ball Confrontation with Sikhs

  15. Valour of Sikhs In The Battlefield

  16. Territorial Domain of Sikhs

  17. Battle with Sikhs on Second Day

  18. Battle with Sikhs on Third Day

  19. Last Battle with The Sikhs

  20. Abdali Crosses Chenab

  21. Departure of Abdali to Kabul

  22. Conversation with Baloch Chief on The Eve of Departure

Part 3: Sikhs in the Eyes of the Foe

  1. Destruction of Harmandir
  2. Awe & Terror of the Sikhs
  3. Valour of the Sikhs and their Traits
  4. Battle Tactics and War Manoeuvres of the Sikhs

Battle Tactics and War Manoeuvres of the Sikhs by D. S. Saggu

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  • Format: Paperback

    Publisher: Notion Press

    Publication Date: 2018

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