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Bhagirath: A Medley by Puran Singh

The chronicles of time have and continue to be enunciated with the tales of the formation and transformation of human societies. Via such accounts, we encounter the reality that human society branches out in a myriad of directions as an ongoing process, forever undergoing construction, regeneration, and hibernation, yet defying obliteration. In the present seminal work, Prof. Singh, an authentic pioneering scribe of the "spirit-born" people's memoirs, weaves a rich tapestry of the native human condition of the 20th century Punjab, particularly of Lahore. He is a master spokesperson of the dynamics of human relationships and astutely brings out the social, psychological, and philosophical in their undercurrents. Singh gives a voice to society's silent beckoning for the Saint and captures the profoundly metamorphic processes that advent the Saint.

Bhagirath, the novel in the reader's hand, being first time published, echoes the voice of the early 20th century Punjab that had until now been held in the backdrop and which pines to be heard. Harjot Kaur offers a very lucid and intellectually stimulating account of the plot in the introduction to this book. This introduction opens our minds to think about diverse domains in which Bhagirath can unwind our thinking and imaginations.

-Amandeep Singh, Naad Pargaas USA

Bhagirath: A Medley by Puran Singh

£19.99 Regular Price
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  • Format: Hardback

    Publication Date: 2023

    Publisher: Naad Pargas

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