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Essentials of Sikhism by Daljeet Singh

Daljeet Singh covers various aspects of Sikh philosophy. He clarifies the misconceptions made about Sikhism in an effective and logical way. He also compares the fundamentals of Sikh theology with other religious systems.

This work is an attempt to give a comparative picture of Sikh concepts and doctrines so that their reality is brought in sharp focus, and their significance and implications in the overall structure of Sikhism are grasped. 



Section 1 - Methodology 

1. Issues of Sikh Studies


Section 2 - Ideology

2. Idea of God in Sikhism

3. Naam in Sikhism

4. Sikhism, Vaisnavism, Vedanta and Nathism

5. The Sikh World-View

6. Sikh Theory of Evolution: Haumain, and Problems of Hermeneutics

7. The Concept of Maya in Sikhism

8. Essentials of Sikh Bhakti and Hindu Bhakti

9. Guru Nanak - The Prophet of a Unique Ideology

10. Sikh Religion and Politics

11. The Gurmukh

12. A Critique and A Clarification of Sikhism

13. The Idea of Freedom and Responsibility in Sikhism

14. The Sikh Identity


Section 3 - General

15. Sikhism and Inter-Religious Dialogue

Essentials of Sikhism by Daljeet Singh

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  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Singh Brothers

    Publication Date: First Edition 1994, Third Edition 2004

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