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Jangnama	by Qazi Nur Muhammad's

Edited and summarised by Ganda Singh


The printing of the Persian text of Qazi Nur Muhammad's Jang Namah with an English summary by Professor Ganda Singh of the Khalsa College is a distinct service to the cause of Indian history. It is the work of contemporary and eye-witness of Ahmad Shah Durrani's invasion of 1764, of which outside its pages our knowledge was extremely meagre. When we take it along with Nuruddin Husain's Life of Najib-ud-Daulah and the Autobiography of Tahmas Khan, as well as the full and correct text of Kashiraj Pandit's account of the Panipat Campaign of 1760-61, the whole history of the Panjab, Delhi and the Upper Doab in that supremely eventful decade is illuminated with a fulness, accuracy and detail not possible before. For the history of the Sikhs in particular, and a knowledge of the country and people in 1764, the Jang Namah is invaluable, and Professor Ganda Singh has laid us under deep debt of gratitude by editing it.

Jangnama by Qazi Nur Muhammad's

  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Khalsa College Amritsar

    Publication Date: 2020 reprint (1st ed 1939)

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