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Science and Sikhism: Conflict or Coherence by Dr. D. P. Singh

Science and Sikhism is a superb companion and guide for anyone seeking enhanced understanding of several/fundamental and perennial questions about our existence and the world we live in, better relationships and a more ethical and graceful way of living in the world. Dr. Singh is a compassionate writer with a talent for bridging ancient wisdom with the modern mind. This book offers a splendid bridge between traditional Sikhism and the concerns and needs of contemporary seekers. The legacy of this book is a vision of the world in which our different approaches to understanding ourselves, our universe and one another can be brought together in the service of humanity.



  1. Religious, Science and Mankind
  2. Sri Guru Granth Sahib: A Universal Perspective
  3. Guru Nanak's Teachings: A Scientific Perspective
  4. Sunn (Primal Void): Nothing or Everything?
  5. Creation of the Universe: A Fabulous Tale
  6. Panch Tattva: The Five Classical Elements
  7. Kudrat (Nature) in Guru Nanak's Holistic Vision
  8. Sun: An Enigmatic Star
  9. Earth: A Great Mother
  10. Moon: An Esoteric Neighbour
  11. Lotus: A Mystical Flower
  12. Flowers: Mysterious Messengers
  13. Basant (Spring): The Splendour of Nature
  14. Wismad (Wonderful Bliss): A Transcendental Experience
  15. Impermanence: The Path to Liberation
  16. Ecological Concerns in Sri Guru Granth Sahib
  17. Interdependence: Imperative for Twenty-First Century 
  18. Relevance of Guru Granth Sahib in the Twenty-First Century
  19. Peaceful Co-existence and Role of Sikhs 
  20. Religious Experience in Science
  21. Interpreting Gurbani: Formulating a Methodology

Science and Sikhism: Conflict or Coherence by Dr. D. P. Singh

  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Singh Brothers

    Publication Date: 2018

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