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Sikh Martyrs of Eighteenth Century by Harbans Kaur Sagoo

Dr. Harbans Kaur Sago has written books incorporating historical background of our culture with a finesse that truly is an overwhelming task. In her writings, history seems to be enlivened for it is written explaining the past in coherence with the literary present. The past is studied in context of people and their lives, events, societies and myriad problems faced by the people in the past and in this context, our attempts to comprehend the rich historical past in the present times makes the text more interesting and relevant.

Sacrifices are the foundation stone of enlightenment and progress and all concepts of modernity have sprouted from struggle, and in this vein, the struggles and sacrifices made by the Sikhs martyrs of the eighteenth century have no parallel in history anywhere. Their sacrifices for the sake of their faith has been described by the author with a sentimental touch while describing heart-rendering episodes with minute details. Dr. Harbans Kaur Sago has elucidated the melancholic tales of the martyrs, which is much more than literal reading of the text.

Sikh Martyrs of Eighteenth Century by Harbans Kaur Sagoo

  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Manpreet Prakashan

    Publication Date: 2023

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