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Thundering Dawn edited  by Puran Singh

Bringing out a compiled volume of Puran Singh's 'Thundering Dawn' will indeed facilitate an academic exploration of Puran Singh's aesthetics, poetics, philosophy, cultural in-betweenness and his dynamic search through them to connect to the self/divine. Prof. Puran Singh's journeys', aesthetic, cultural, spiritual, that he undertook to explore and transform the relation of I, Self and the Other/Others underlines his works and life. For Puran Singh like Bataille the reading of Self/l is a continuous journey of transforming the rigid rational energies to an ecstasy of pure joy, where the abundance/excess of the libidinal energies leads to a complete abandonment of the Self to the Other, Divine, Sacred, Beloved, Cosmos. Puran Singh's work is a celebration of dialogic relation of the Self and the Other. This volume is one such gift to the admirers of Puran Singh and his work. - Deepinderjeet Kaur, Former Head Deptt. of English, Khalsa College, Patiala

Thundering Dawn edited by Puran Singh

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  • Format: Hardback

    Publisher: Naag Pargaas

    Publication Date: 2023 reprint


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